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I used to build websites...

I love what I do, but truth be told, the older I get and the older my children get, the more important it becomes that amillionmonkeys pays the bills. Historically, that has meant websites. Lots of them. And developing a fierce workflow, that meant I could produce progressive, content-managed, responsive websites really quickly.

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To side project or not to side project...

For nearly four years I've been immersed in client work. Good proper client work. They send me a comp. I suggest some revisions. They make amends, I build it (or at least get it built), be it a website, app, email or whatever. I've been fortunate in that we've never really had to do much marketing at amillionmonkeys, but nevertheless the fear remains that the work might dry up and my bank account with it so for the past few months we've been thinking about how to diversify our income through either an app or Saas product.

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