CardMedic update....

Following on from my post about CardMedic, a few developments:

  • Last week I was interviewed for Smashing Magazine about the tech behind the project. This should be out tomorrow I think
  • Google Play rejected our app and suspended our developer account, suggesting CardMedic showed a 'lack reasonable sensitivity'. I appealled, citing our covergage on GovUk and our account was reinstated and the app was fairly swiftly approved.
  • There are loads of features to be added to the app, but before doing these, I knew everything needed to be tidied up, particularly around typing. I reached out to async, a local web meetup in Brighton, and they put me in touch with Jake 'Sid' Smith (LinkedIn, GitHub, Twitter). Jake has been incredible. I have a stack of pull requests to go through, but as far as I can tell, he has been exactly what the project needed; enforcing really tight linting rules, testing and typing.

Next up, a professional translation service have offered to translate the copy. To date we've been relying on GoogleTranslate, so this is great news. I also want to get the web app sorted, really hoping I can get React Native Web working nicely with Expo.

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