Shout out to the open source community...

Six years ago tomorrow I was made redundant from what I thought was a fairly stable job as a senior member of staff at Greenbelt Festivals. As soon as it happened I knew I wanted to set up my own webshop and pretty soon amillionmonkeys was born. Six years on I'm doing well. There have been quiet time (most notably ever August) and crazy times, but generally the business has grown steadily.

In no small part the fact that I live in a nice house, in a nice part of the country and enjoy a pretty comfortable existance is down to the open-source community. I've never understood why developers feel that they can use Github issues to criticise the people who freely author the code that enables them to make a living. Open source projects are going to have bugs and the rate of progress is going to vary from time to time, but without it, I for one would be a whole lot poorer, in every sense. So to the makers of the web, the largely unseen faces behind every app and website I build, a huge thank you.

In particular I want to thank John Resig author of jQuery which helped me find my feet, and Taylor Otwell author of Laravel which I use every day.

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