When did this become so difficult...

I've just started work on a new web app... The process to get the app running locally goes something like this...

  • Pull down the git repo
  • Install node
  • Install bower and get any packages
  • Install composer and get any dependencies
  • Install grunt
  • Seed the database
  • Build the pattern lab

Oh and the front end is Angular, so if you want to do anything of any substance you need to learn that too...

Obviously this isn't a typical project, but it's not atypical either. Most projects I get roped into involve at least half of the above steps, which makes me wonder how people are supposed to get started making the internet nowadays?

I never studied computer science. I bought a few books and taught myself. Until 3 years ago, I barely knew any Javascript and never used the command line. I made shit loads of mistakes, but that didn't matter. I could correct mistakes as quickly as I made them and build something that looked pretty good alongside everything else that was out there.

For those starting out now, that doesn't feel an option. I guess you could build sites with HTML and CSS and FTP it up, but in all honesty, that is not enough to build stuff that people are expecting.

On the one hand that makes me think 'hurrah', I am able to offer something more than my 13 year old nephew and Squarespace and therefore own a sustainable business. On the other hand it makes me sad to think that if I was starting out now, I probably wouldn't make it...

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