Wordpress isn't the problem.

At amillionmonkeys, almost all our projects involve either Perch or Laravel. But since the new year we've been working on two Wordpress projects. The first project was website for a PR firm we work for who wanted a way to distribute editorial content.

To build the site we used Eddie Machado's Bare Theme to give us a blank canvas that we could build on top of. Having not built anything in Wordpress for a few years, I was pleasantly surprised by the whole process. It wasn't that bad and some of the features of wordpress (like automatically outputting responsive images) actually proved helpful.

This post was supposed to be about Wordpress not actually being that bad.

Then came the second project, implementing a commercial theme for a marketing site. Theme installed, Wordpress turned from a (relatively) lean mean blogging machine to a slow, bloating, unresponsive pile of php.

Turns out, what makes Wordpress crap, isn't Wordpress. It's the bloat that is added by theme developers trying to turn a blogging platform into some kind of monolith.

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